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RyuShare Premium Account & Cookies [09-June-2014] 100% Working

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Fresh RyuShare Premium Account provides 100% Free access to Premium Members Area- Download files from RyuShare server as Premium Member by using our RyuShare Premium Downloader

Ryushare is a cloud hosting service offering file backup, storage and transfer from anywhere. Ryushare lets visitors to host digital content such as text, audio, images and videos; Ryushare gives easy, quick and worldwide access to stored files

Our Fresh RyuShare Premium Account provides 100% Free access to Premium Members Area

  • Download files from RyuShare server as Premium Member by using our “RyuShare Premium Downloader”
  • Maximum download speeds up to 10 Gigabytes
  • Download directly without waiting time and ads
  • Unlimited parallel downloads
  • Support for download accelerators
  • Resume aborted and interrupted downloads like interrupted downloads
  • Download up to 2GB sized files
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  • Gil

    I finished proxy setting, but not working. why happen?? I don’t know..

    • joinyasin

      you may wait for download,
      or try after click on Refresh Downloader button
      it works fine just try again

  • play gracia

    awesome program.. working great!!

  • jacob

    when i click the download button..its asks to check updated version from the website..

    • joinyasin

      this is not an valid error message please tell us exact message that you are getting then we can fix it if you are getting any error,
      although we have check again ryushare downloader, it is working awsome

  • me

    the proxy setting won’t appear in mine… :(

  • d1sturb3d

    Tnx for sharing, unfortunately Ryushare & LetitBit not working anymore

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      LetitBit is not updated from last 4 days therefore and you can also see in post title date, if date is updated then downloader is working
      Today also you dont see yet latest date in title of Ryushare & LetitBit that mean Server status is OFF[Disabled]
      But we must update Ryushare soon almost in less then 4 hours

  • kal hampton

    How long do I need to wait after the traffic has reach the limit screen shows up?

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      You may try other server,
      we have ad Two different accounts on different Server, Please redownload Setup Files to get multiple server.

  • Guest

    i cant use. it just still dosent work.

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      pleaes use Server_1 for downloading

      • 星期 陳

        but Server_1 is off now

  • Fahim Whosane

    best so far :)
    Happy :D
    hope this service gets better each day

  • WeeKC

    Thanks for the program but I’m having a hard time trying to sign up.

    I filled in all the necessary informations but when I press the sign-up button

    the three blue status bars just keeps on going back and forth more than 20minutes.

    How can I sign up?

  • Hikki

    Do I need to have a legitimate copy of IDM to make this work? I just installed IDM and Ryushare Premium Downloader yesterday and was able to download stuff from Ryushare just fine until the trial period of IDM expired. I patched the crack for IDM and since then I am unable to download anything from Ryushare using IDM. When I click the download button on Ryushare Premium Downloader, nothing happens.

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      No, you don’t need a legitimate copy of IDM,
      If by patched your other download starts then it also work for PREMIUM DOWNLOADER,
      you can try after restarting you Machine

      • Hikki

        I already figured it out. It appears that it doesn’t work for the latest version of IDM (6.18). I reverted back to IDM 6.14 and can download again with no problem. You might want to look at possible compatibility issues with the new versions of IDM.

  • Dave

    Hi there. I’m a new user and I am a little confused about what to do. So I got through until I pasted the Ryushare link and clicked Download. It said “Ryushare Premium Downloader [Server_2] is not updated today, please check today’s updated list from our website.” and same for Server_1. Is there anything I can do? Thanks!!

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      this mean, ryushare was not updated yesterday,
      Now we have update RYUshare [Server_1] so you can download now your files.
      because you are new so don’t forget to set proxy in IDM to get start your downloading
      and thanks for your review.

  • kal hampton

    6.18 dead..?

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      what you mean 6.18 dead?
      i can’t able to understand

  • kal hampton

    This wont work with idm 618
    u need 614
    that worked 4 me

    • Mohamed_m

      Worked for me with 6.18 till I updated to 6.19
      Then it won’t work with 6.14/6.18 or even 6.19 now.

  • kal hampton

    unplug your internet modem for at least 30 minutes and plug it back on. Computer off while you do these. 40 minutes have always worked for me

  • kal hampton

    Hey admin
    Is there any other program i can use to download besides the idm?
    My idm really stopped working even after renewing it.

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      please download recommended idm v6.14

      You can download this version from How To Use Page, i have upload IDM v 6.14 with serial and crack

  • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

    if you got limit exceed message then reload server or try to other server e.g. [server_2]

    • slashguitar

      Thank you very much

  • Szter mel

    I checked proxy on, pasted url and clicked download, windows pops up (that I should turn proxy off, because it slows down downloading) but it doesnt start to download. I tried IDM 6.14 and 6.18 but it still doesnt work.

  • iRevive

    Hey Admin, how to fix download limit exceeded? I keep reloading server and it doesn work. Also server_2 is not ON. Please help admin. Thanks in advance.

    • iRevive

      Nevermind Admin. Ive already fix it by opening the proxy ports on my router.

  • kori

    what you uploaded is version 3.0

    but it says i have to download lastest version 2.8

    what should i do?

  • Evangline kitty

    I Can’t fucking Believe it. it actually works. i was thinking this was just another TROLL

  • Szter mel

    Why my previous comment has been deleted?
    When I click on download button downloading doesnt start, any window on IDM doesnt appear. Can you help me how to make this download? I set proxy server and everything.

  • peter

    i have IDM v6.14 installed and running. I also set the proxy settings. I am using server 1, pasting my download link but I keep getting “Traffic limit has been exceeded”.

    • peter

      I also tried using server 2 but it’s not updated.

  • kal hampton

    Working 110%

  • dohq

    server status is “no” …
    plz check and fix :)

  • 아이피추적하지마라

    안되잖아 ㅅㅂ롬아

  • Mwani

    Server 2 “Ryushare not updated today, check updates from our website”
    Server 1 “Object reference not set to an instance of object” or “please click on refresh downloader and wait 30 sec to 1 min for complete loading and then click download button” but it doesn’t work. Help please?

  • dohq

    server1 – Proxy server is not available.

    plz check :)

  • kal hampton

    proxy not working with idm 614
    Do I need to update it to idm 618????????

  • Al

    I had the same error. I am using IDM 6.14 and RyuShare Premium downloader 3.1. I checked the proxies and followed instructions. Server 2 is not updated.

  • Tou

    doesnt work anymore…

  • rururuu

    finally got it working and it says “Cannot download this file, connection closed by server”

  • veerved

    both servers are exceeded limit all the time now, whats wrong?

    • Admin

      Unplug power of your internet modem + Restart your PC then try to download,
      currently both Server are working..

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      unplug internet modem and Power ON after 2min + Restart you computer,
      then try to download, after try let me know your comment

      • veerved

        it doesn’t work, it only works if I unplug for like 10 hours.
        what does it mean?

  • Mohamed_m

    None, leave them empty

  • Brandon Workman

    Are their certain times when the server in on? Finally got program working but server status is still on off.

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      Both Server are now ACTIVE

  • QuantumCerberus

    Traffic limit exceeded…

    Any helps ?

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      please Try other Server after restarting your Internet Modem

  • anonymity

    how come mine always stops working upon logging in?

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      There is no problem in login step today
      May i know your system specification however 3.0Ghz processor and 2Gb ram is Recommended.

      • anonymity

        2.53Ghz, 4Gb ram Win7 x64
        i used the filefactory downloader before, but now i cant use any downloader here, i dont know why T^T

        • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

          You may register with other E-mail and then can use

  • Thus Prinyaknit

    It Say “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      May i know that have you installed IDM ..?
      Please go to How to USE page and Download Recommended Internet Download Manager if you have not installed yet.

      • Thus Prinyaknit

        I already installed IDM and now it say click Refresh Downloader and i wait for 30 second but it still say refresh downloader.
        AND Sometime it not say refresh it say Pause and turn off proxy i click OK and wait for download start but it not started.

        • The Black Reaper

          ^ Me too….

  • Kah Meng

    cant login. says invalid username/password !!

    • Admin [PremiumAccounts]

      You may re register with other E-mail and can try again

  • APAdmin

    sory ab ho jay ga kar la download

  • George Medhat

    how to instal it !? plz help :/

  • SubLexx

    when r the server online again? o,o

  • Zakachi

    thx มันใช้ได้

  • isenkowski

    admin I’ve download RyuShare Premium Account & Cookies [02-Mar-2014] 100% Working. then I used Ryushare Extreme Downloader 8.9 but it said it need to be upgrade to 8.9.1 and it got off by itself. ryushare server 1 & 2 the server still off

  • Henry Van Wyk

    Not working. Please fix

  • Jin Kurono

    i DL Ryushare premium downloader, but everytime i open both servers are OFF….this thing works or not?

  • athur5

    No servers are on both 1 and 2 are off.

  • Vyacheslav Chumikov

    вы чё? ебанутые? чё вы тут делаете?

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